Help Out

Helping out is easier than you would expect. Often all it takes is one hour a week.


Some students need extra help with math or reading. Others just need someone to talk to. We have mentor and tutoring programs if you would like to reach out and help one or more of our students.


Other students don’t have a winter coat or proper clothes, so they stay home. After missing too many days, they may think it’s easier to just drop out. Donations go a long way towards keeping that from happening.  We help many young people realize their potential, but still more need our services. Help us expand our reach and deepen our level of support. For every dollar you donate, $11.60 is returned to the community!

Be a Leader in Your Community:

Volunteer to be on a committee or on the Board of Directors!  We are lucky to have the leadership and support many generous individuals who donate their time as Board of Directors and Committee members. If you have talent or interest in any of the following areas and want to volunteer your time, fill out the volunteer interest form and we’ll contact you about the process! Committees include Marketing/PR, Events, Finance and Fundraising. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Executive Director Kathryn DeFilippo at